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It’s a common problem: you download a torrent, it looks promising, but when it comes to actually installing the game or program, you’re stuck. You don’t know what to do, because the uploader doesn’t seem to care about your problems and others aren’t being very helpful either. It takes you days, maybe weeks or even years, to find out the problem was solved easily.

That’s why we are called Games4theworld, because we are here for you. We do not care about uploading a lot of low-quality downloads. We care about high-quality, working downloads and full, 100% support afterwards. You can always contact us with all your problems. We’re a dedicated team of volunteers who will not only upload cool, high-quality torrents, but actually help you with anything we can help you with! And that’s why we’re proud to write Support with a capital letter.

Remember that ® Games4theworld stands for: always 100% free downloads, 100% tested, 100% working, 100% virus free and always 100% willing to help you out with your problems!

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20-02-2015: Our e-mail Support is officially offline until the 1st of July 2015. If you need any kind of assistance, please post in the correct section on our Forum until then: - Sorry for the inconvenience!

28-01-2015: We’ve successfully updated our The Sims 4 Ultimate Fix and added the Outdoor Retreat DLC and the Holiday Celebration Pack! Find our Ultimate Fix on its download page HERE. Have fun!

- The Sims 3: The Complete Collection

- The Sims 4 *HOT*

- FIFA Soccer Manager

- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 Premium

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