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Dear downloader,

We’re constantly trying to improve our service to you. As a part of this, we’re looking for people owning a Mac, who can help us to make our downloads Mac compatible. (By writing special Mac guides, for example)
At the moment, we’re working on how to install our The Sims 3 game(s) on Mac OS. Some people are still having issues and if you think you can help, you’re ambitious and you don’t mind helping your fellow Mac users for free, join our Mac Helpers team!

We’re currently looking for Mac Helpers who can help us solve Mac related issues with our downloads. If you wish to join, please create an account on our Forum: and then contact us via:  (Start your subject with “Joining Mac Helpers team”) If Support is offline, please send your message to Admin instead.

In your e-mail, tell us why you would like to join and what kind of experience you have with Macs. You do not need to be a Mac expert in order to qualify! Everyone is welcome!

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions.

Thank you for contributing to this wonderful Community!

Warm regards,

  Games4theworld Downloads team